Taurus and Leo Friendship Compatibility

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Taurus and Leo Friendship Compatibility

A friendship between a Taurus and a Leo is one of mutual respect and a mutual liking of each other’s company. They recognize each other’s wants and desires very well. Taurus adore being treated with love and care, and Leo adore being looked up to and admired. They are both fiercely faithful and often possessive of each other. Their desires coincide with one another so well that either partner could give the other what he or she wants.

Taurus and Leo love lavishness and comfort, often on an extravagant measure. They both enjoy wealth and social status. Leo tend to be flashy and impressive, the very embodiment of lofty standing and opulence; and Taurus admire Leo all the more for that. Both star signs possess a resolute character. They need to understand and accept each other.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, and Leo is ruled by the Sun. The Sun represents ego or self, and it radiates heat and light. Consequently, Leo emit this kind of power and liveliness. Venus is about beauty, love, and opulence. The impressive blend of masculine and feminine energy is the reason for Leo and Taurus admiring and adoring each other so much. Venus never moves farther than 48 degrees from the Sun; the two celestial bodies, one depicting life and the other depicting love, are never too far from each other. As long as Taurus and Leo realize each other’s feelings and desires, they always produce a constructive combination.

Taurus is an earth sign, and Leo is a fire sign. Both signs are ambitious, but in their own ways. The lion goes for wealth and eminence, while the bull strives for stability and protection. Both signs seek to be the leader, and disagree a lot over this matter. Convincing each other of the importance of their friendship is the best way to solve the problems.

Taurus and Leo are fixed signs. Both Taurus and Leo are unrelenting in their judgments and move forward tirelessly towards their goals. Any schemes that they have formed would be carried out to the end. Neither sign loves change, and both prefer a constant even environment around them. When they find that their friendship is genuine, they dedicate themselves to its preservation. However, their diverse characters might cause them to argue constantly. Taurus never give in as they don’t like anyone dictating them, and Leo might construe this as obstinacy. Although Taurus are equally determined as Leo, they might give in to avoid a full fledged conflict when it seems imminent.

The best aspect of a relationship between a Taurus and a Leo is the respect and regard they have for each other. Both star signs have an intense strength of character, and neither one could dominate the other, even though it wouldn’t be for want of trying. These are two very compatible signs, and their dedication to fulfil their plans makes them a great team.

Taurus and Leo Friendship Compatibility
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