Seven Year Cycles

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Seven Year Cycles

Seven Year Cycles

Numerous rhythms and routines flow in the universe and in your Cycles of life, from the movements of the planets to the cycles of the earth’s seasons, the tides, economic cycles and our lives.

You enter the world as an energy, totally aware, totally open and totally knowledgeable. Everything you need to achieve the goals in your life is given to you. The seven-year cycles are a flow, a rhythm. It is not something cut and dried. You may feel it coming or going two years in advance or two years later as it builds, peaks, and wanes. The seven-year cycles are an evolutionary spiral. They belong to every being that has ever been created. There is no one who does not go through them.

Every seven years there is, within the system, a total change. It is a soul's demand to be seen as an individual, not as a collective. At the age of seven, the first realization of self begins to occur. The restlessness that is felt within is due to body chemistry changes from that of an infant to that of a child.

Before the definition of seven years is started, it is important to say that as humans, in fact as any life form, we are creatures of great polarities, and one of the great paradoxes of our lives are that we constantly go through such enormous such massive changes every day. Daily we pass through an extraordinary change that we often take so much for granted we miss the wonder of it. The change occurs between sleeping and waking. For most of us being awake is when we most fully feel ourselves.

Most cells in your body is renewed over a period of time. How does this Fit in your life?

Seven Year Cycle : 0-7 years.
Seven Year Cycle : 7-14 years.
Seven Year Cycle : 14-21 years.
Seven Year Cycle : 21-28 years.
Seven Year Cycle : 28-35 years.
Seven Year Cycle : 35-42 years.
Seven Year Cycle : 42-49 years.
Seven Year Cycle : 49-56 years.
Seven Year Cycle : 56-63 years.
Seven Year Cycle : 63-70 years.
Seven Year Cycle : 70-77 years.
Seven Year Cycle : 77-84 years onwards.

0-7 years. The Basic Personality is Formed - This is the most important cycle because it has such an impact on all the other cycles. Young children are high in feelings. They tend to easily absorb what is happening in their environment.

7-14 years. Intellect Develops - During this time a child develops their understanding. They learn from the outer world (i.e. parents, school, etc.) and from their own experiences and feelings.

14-21 years. Identity Cycle - This is the age when people receive a better sense of themselves, instead of who they were trained to be, or thought they were. If they unfold a feeling of themselves from within, this cycle will help them bring out their real inner being in their lives. They will experience more of their good, kind, wise true nature.

21-28 years. Cycle of Maturity - By this time many people experience a feeling of wanting to leave the nest, making their own decisions and living their lives.

28-35 years. Seeking the Inner Kingdom - During these years a person tends to searche for more in life. They have a sense they are here for a reason and want to accomplish their purpose.

35-42 years. Spiritual Abundance - The soul becomes more sharply attuned to the inner sense, and their good, kind, loving, wise spiritual being. A person may heal limiting concepts they picked up from the outer world, that do not fit with their true inner being.

42-49 years. Material Abundance - This is the time in life when a person tends to naturally attract more physical abundance. It is especially the case when they have been aligned with the natural rhythms of their previous cycles, such as being more spiritually abundant.

49-56 years. Spiritual Inventory - This seven year cycle is a good time to take stock of your life. What have you accomplished and learned from your experiences. The lessons you learn help you raise your state of consciousness. This is what you take with you when you return to the world of spirit.

56-63 years. Time of inner tranquility and auto acceptance - At peace with oneself and more accepting of where we are and what we have achieved marks this period. But many things that were lying unlived within you might arise at this time, either as a form of unrest, or as directly living out those things that duty or work – or even self restraints – kept you from doing or being.

63-70 years. Deeper acceptance and understanding of the people in our life. We appreciate the differences between us and our friends and look to the good rather than the bad in people. This is a period where our accumulated experience seeks new creative outlets. A particularly noticeable process that occurs here is a conscious or unconscious sifting of life experience and moving toward what is the essence and best of what one has been and learned from the years and experiences. Sometimes, if you can actually be aware of and work with this process, it leads to a sense of being lost or uncertain. By this is meant that for most of us external needs have dictated the direction of much that we have done or was needed of us. Now a great deal of this external pressure is removed.

70-77 years. Achieve this top level of maturity at another period. But if the issues met in the previous cycle have been dealt with, then there is a new awareness of the subtle sides of life, and a changed relationship with those you love or come in contact with. There is a greater unconditional love and acceptance. By this is meant that awareness of the depths and subtleties of ones own self are known more fully. If you are a person who has an active inner life, it can happen that the huge harvest of gathered life experience that was sifted and synthesised into clearer and more streamlined, or simpler concepts and meanings, is now expressed in your life and dealings with others. You may not be as powerful and active in the outer world, but you are gaining strength and effectiveness on people’s inner life if you are still healthy.

77-84 years onwards. New self was developed. This emerged out of a summary and synthesis or all that you had lived. Perhaps, if you gave attention to your inner life, doorways of perception were opened through which you saw how your present life is a continuum of the long past, of ancestors and other influences. From this new self and widened perceptions you are acting and living in the world in a different way. The essence of the purpose, love and ideas you lived by is given new expression.