Scorpio and Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

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Scorpio and Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

A friendship between two Scorpio is a combination of two zealous and emotional people. Both partners are loyal to each other, and the friendship progresses rapidly. Each friend loves to totally devote himself or herself to the other. However, any conflict between them could also be intense, filled with vindictive emotions. Two scorpions would either commit themselves entirely to the happiness of each other, or work for the utter ruin of each other.

Scorpio form a very passionate friendship. They would defend each other at all costs against outside enemies. Scorpio have the strength of character and resolution to protect each other from any form of hostility. As long as a strong bond exists between them, it would be almost impossible for an outside entity to disrupt their relationship. Scorpio must direct their energy and attention towards beneficial endeavours. However, this would not be so easy for two powerful personalities.

The ruling planets of Scorpio are Mars and Pluto. Mars represents war. The planet charges forward past hindrances bravely and resolutely. Pluto gives Scorpio their emotional strength. Scorpio’s passionate nature makes them devastated after suffering a loss. However the planetary combination makes them resilient and eager for retribution.

Scorpio is a water sign. Like all water signs, the first priority for Scorpio is their emotions. However Scorpio have the good nature to control their vengeful desires, and to dwell in their successes. The sign must really learn to express their feelings and desires. Keeping their sentiments locked up could affect the friendship in the long run. Scorpio often have fits of jealousy. The partners must learn to face challenges and surmount obstacles as a team.

Scorpio is a fixed sign. The partnership could achieve their best results when they work together, both in personal matters and professional affairs. Scorpio consider a project painstakingly before deciding to commence or abandon it. Once the friends have determined on an endeavour, they are certain to complete it.

The most remarkable aspect of a friendship between two Scorpio is the incredible intensity of the bond that the partners could form. Their resolute nature and strength of character make them a formidable pair, and their fierce dedication to each other ensures the longevity of their friendship.

Scorpio and Scorpio Friendship Compatibility
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