Scarab Beetle Charm

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Scarab Beetle Charm

Scarab Beetle Charm

Scarab beetle is a guide of the cosmic universe, teaching us about the elements of the creative forces. For the Scarab is symbolic of eternity itself. The mystical Scarab beetle appears now to show you a crossroads. You have the choice of continuing on the same path you have taken thus far, or you can peer down the path that holds a new awakening and enlightenment of the cosmic elements and forces.

Because our sun is immortal, the Scarab beetle was considered a symbol of eternal life, due to this, talismans in the form of the sacred beetle are often found in burial chambers. A special force capable of resurrecting the dead person to a new eternal life was attributed to figurines in the form of a Scarab beetle made of rare stones heliotrope. They served as symbols of the imperishable essence of immortality and resurrection. But in this earthly life, the images of scarab are considered amulets for houses, a symbol of prosperity, good luck charms and guards of the human heart. Symbol of the rising sun, the Egyptian sun god Khepri (or Khepera), and protection from evil.

Scarab beetle is a messenger of eternity, letting you know that fate and destiny are always at work in your life, destiny is comprised of the choices you make while fate is woven by your reactions to events and circumstances.

If this is your quest, find a Scarab beetle symbol amulet to carry with you or to wear to imbue you with the metaphysical powers the Scarab has to share and teach, and mediate daily upon the messages that Scarab symbolic meaning and its spiritual significance has for you. In meditation you will receive new revelations frequently to illuminate your path.

There can be magic for you in looking beyond the ordinary and traditional and unlocking the magic that is within just waiting to be set free. This is a quest of freedom of your spirit self.

Mystical Powers & Scarab Symbolic Meaning.

Scarab totem brings the gifts of: eternity, cosmic forces

Scarab offers the spirit animal energies of: creativity, imagination

Scarab teaches the animal magic of: astral travel, sacred knowledge