Sagittarius and Scorpio Love Compatibility

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Sagittarius and Scorpio Love Compatibility

The differences between the two are strong and it makes this match a difficult one. Scorpio for example is very passionate and serious about many things, but Sagittarius is relatively light-headed and takes life as it comes. Scorpio expects commitment and loyalty, but Sagittarius finds it really difficult to commit, because freedom is really important to Archer. Scorpio limits attention to only family and some close friends, but Sagittarius is a socialite and talks to everyone. Flirtatious nature of the Archer is going to cost Scorpion's jealousy, which can lead to many conflicts. Both individuals are also quite stubborn and will find it difficult to compromise. To make it work both need a lot of compromise and be willing to change.

Sagittarius and Scorpio Love Compatibility
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