Zsuzsa name - Meaning of Zsuzsa

Zsuzsa name - Meaning of Zsuzsa

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Hungarian, Hebrew, Hungarian
Zsuzsa Meaning
Diminutive of Zsuzsanna. Zsuzsa is a diminutive of Zsuzsanna, itself a Hungarian variant of Susanna. Susanna originates in Hebrew language and means "lily". Susanna makes several appearances in the Bible. In the Book of Daniel, she was a woman falsely accused of adultery. She is also mentioned in the Gospel of Luke, and associated with the ministry of Jesus of Nazareth. In the U.S. it is more popular in its variant spelling, Susan. As a given name it became popular after the Protestant Reformation.

Zsuzsa Related Names
Variants: Zsazsa, Zsuzsi
Other Languages: Sawsan (Arabic), Susanna, Susannah (Biblical), Sousanna (Biblical Greek), Shoshannah (Biblical Hebrew), Susanna (Biblical Latin), Suzana (Croatian), Zuzana, Zuzanka, Zuzka (Czech), Susanne, Sanne, Susann (Danish), Susanna, Suzanne, Sanne (Dutch), Susanna, Suzanne, Sue, Sukie, Susan, Susie, Suzan, Suzanna, Suzi, Suzie, Suzy, Zanna (English), Susanna (Finnish), Suzanne, Suzette (French), Susanne, Susann, Suse, Susi (German), Shoshana, Shoshannah (Hebrew), Susanna (Italian), Zuzanna (Latvian), Suzana (Macedonian), Huhana (Maori), Susanne, Susann (Norwegian), Zuzanna, Zula, Zuza, Zuzia (Polish), Susana (Portuguese), Suzana (Portuguese (Brazilian) ), Susanna, Syuzanna (Russian), Suzana (Serbian), Zuzana, Zuza, Zuzanka, Zuzka (Slovak), Suzana (Slovene), Susana, Susanita (Spanish), Susanna, Susanne, Sanna, Susann (Swedish)

Zsuzsa Celebrities
Zsuzsa Kormoczy - tennis player,

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Meaning of Zsuzsa Name

Zsuzsa name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Zsuzsa.

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