Yves name - Meaning of Yves

Yves name - Meaning of Yves

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French, Germanic
Yves Meaning
Medieval French form of Ivo. This was the name of two French saints : an 11th-century bishop of Chartres and a 13th-century parish priest and lawyer, also known as Ivo of Kermartin, the patron saint of Brittany. Yves is a variant of Ives. Ives is derived from the Germanic word "ivy", which means "yew", the wood used to make bows.

Yves Related Names
Diminutive: Yvon
Feminine Forms: Yvette, Yvonne
Other Languages: Ivo (Ancient Germanic), Erwan, Erwann (Breton), Ivo (Czech), Ivo, Yvo (Dutch), Ivo, Yvo (German), Ives (History), Ivo (Italian), Iwo (Polish), Ivo (Portuguese)

Yves Celebrities
Yves Saint Laurent - fashion designer, Yves Allegro - tennis player, Yves Klein - artist, Yves Montand - actor, Yves Tanguy - artist,

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Meaning of Yves Name

Yves name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Yves.

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