Yustina name - Meaning of Yustina

Yustina name - Meaning of Yustina

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Russian, Latin
Yustina Meaning
Russian form of Justina. Yustina is a Russian form of Justine. Justine originates in Latin language and means "fair, rightful". It is a feminine form of Justin. Saint Justine of Padua was the 4th century Christian martyr. Justine was also the name of Marquis de Sade"s novel. As a feminine given name Justine is fairly popular in the United States.

Yustina Related Names
Variants: Ustinya, Yusta, Yustyna
Other Languages: Justina, Justýna (Czech), Justine, Stien (Dutch), Justina, Justine, Justy (English), Justine (French), Justine (German), Giustina (Italian), Iustina, Justina (Late Roman), Stien (Limburgish), Justina (Lithuanian), Justyna (Polish), Justína (Slovak), Justina (Slovene)

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Meaning of Yustina Name

Yustina name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Yustina.

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