Wilhelm name - Meaning of Wilhelm

Wilhelm name - Meaning of Wilhelm

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German, Polish, Ancient Germanic
VIL-helm (German) , VEEL-khelm (Polish)
Wilhelm Meaning
German cognate of William. This was the name of two German Emperors. It was also the middle name of several philosophers from Germany: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831), Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844-1900), and Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz (1646-1716), who was also a notable mathematician. Wilhelm is a German and Polish variant of William. The name William is a very common English name, originating in Germanic languages. It is derived from the words "wil", which means "of strong mind", and "helm", which translates into "a helmet".

Wilhelm Related Names
Variant: Willahelm (Ancient Germanic)
Diminutives: Willi, Willy, Wim (German)
Feminine Forms: Elma, Helma, Helmine, Minna, Wilhelmina, Wilhelmine, Wilma, Vilma (German), Wilhelmina (Polish)
Other Languages: Gwilherm (Breton), Guillem (Catalan), Vilim, Vilko (Croatian), Vilém (Czech), Vilhelm (Danish), Wilhelmus, Willem, Jelle, Pim, Wil, Willy, Wim (Dutch), William, Bill, Billie, Billy, Liam, Wil, Will, Willie, Willy (English), Vilhelmo, Vilĉjo (Esperanto), Villem (Estonian), Vilhelm, Viljami, Jami, Vilhelmi, Vilho, Vili, Viljo, Ville (Finnish), Guillaume (French), Vilhelm, Vilmos, Vili (Hungarian), Vilhjálmur (Icelandic), Uilliam, Liam, Uilleag, Ulick (Irish), Guglielmo (Italian), Vilhelms, Vilis (Latvian), Wöllem, Wullem, Wum (Limburgish), Vilhelmas (Lithuanian), Illiam (Manx), Wiremu (Maori), Wilkin, Wilky, Wilmot (Medieval English), Vilhelm (Norwegian), Guilherme (Portuguese), Uilleam (Scottish), Viliam (Slovak), Viljem, Vili, Vilko (Slovene), Guillermo (Spanish), Vilhelm, Ville (Swedish), Gwilym, Gwil, Gwilim, Gwillym (Welsh)

Wilhelm Celebrities
Wilhelm Bissen - artist, Wilhelm Freddie - artist, Wilhelm Hauff - author, Wilhelm Junker - explorer, Wilhelm Reich - scientist, Wilhelm Weber - physicist,

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Meaning of Wilhelm Name

Wilhelm name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Wilhelm.

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