Patty name - Meaning of Patty

Patty name - Meaning of Patty

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English, Aramaic
Patty Meaning
Originally a variant of Matty, a 17th-century diminutive of Martha. It is now commonly used as a diminutive of Patricia. Patty is a diminutive of Martha. Martha originates in Aramaic and means "lady of the house". This was the name of several saints, including Saint Martha, a 3rd century Catholic martyr. In the Bible, Martha of Bethany was the sister of Lazarus and Mary. In its variant spelling the name is popular in different languages around the world. In the United States its usage as a feminine given name has declined lately. The famous bearer is the American TV personality and business magnate Martha Stewart.

Patty Related Names
Variants: Pat, Patsy, Tricia, Trish, Trisha, Patti, Pattie, Trecia, Tresha
Other Languages: Martha (Biblical), Martha (Biblical Greek), Martha (Biblical Latin), Marta (Bulgarian), Marta (Catalan), Marta, Patricija (Croatian), Marta, Patricie (Czech), Martha (Danish), Martta (Finnish), Marthe (French), Marta (Georgian), Marthe, Patricia (German), Martha (Greek), Márta, Mártuska (Hungarian), Pádraigín (Irish), Marta, Patrizia (Italian), Patricia (Late Roman), Marta (Latvian), Morta (Lithuanian), Marta (Macedonian), Maata (Maori), Matty (Medieval English), Marta, Marte, Martha (Norwegian), Marta, Patrycja (Polish), Marta, Patrícia (Portuguese), Marta (Romanian), Marfa (Russian), Marta (Serbian), Marta, Patrícia (Slovak), Marta (Slovene), Marta, Patricia, Martita (Spanish), Marta, Martha (Swedish)

Patty Celebrities
Patty Duke - actress,

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Meaning of Patty Name

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