Odalis name - Meaning of Odalis

Odalis name - Meaning of Odalis

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Masculine & Feminine
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Spanish, Germanic
Odalis Meaning
Spanish form of Odilia. Odalis is a variant of Odelia. Odelia is most likely an anglicized form of Odilia, which is ultimately derived from the Germanic name Odo, meaning "riches".

Odalis Related Names
Variant: Odalys
Other Languages: Auda, Oda, Odilia, Odila (Ancient Germanic), Odelia, Odetta, Ottoline (English), Odette, Odile (French), Oda, Odilie, Ottilie, Ute (German), Otylia (Polish), Ottilia (Swedish)

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Meaning of Odalis Name

Odalis name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Odalis.

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