Octavia name - Meaning of Octavia

Octavia name - Meaning of Octavia

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English, Spanish, Ancient Roman, Latin
ahk-TAYV-ee-ə (English)
Octavia Meaning
Feminine form of Octavius. Octavia was the wife of Mark Antony and the sister of Roman emperor Augustus. In 19th-century England it was sometimes given to the eighth-born child. Feminine form Octavius, originating in Latin language and meaning "the eighth". Formerly, it was usually given to the eighth-born child in large families. Octavia is the name of a famous opera by Reinhard Keiser, as well as the name of a Roman tragedy.

Octavia Related Names
Variant:, Octavie, Octavya, Otavia, Ottavia
Masculine Forms: Octavio (Spanish), Octavius (Ancient Roman)
Other Languages: Ottavia (Italian), Octávia (Portuguese), Otávia (Portuguese (Brazilian) )

Octavia Celebrities
Octavia Butler - published author, Octavia Spencer - actress, Octavia Wynbush - published author,

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Meaning of Octavia Name

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