Nora name - Meaning of Nora

Nora name - Meaning of Nora

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Irish, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Dutch, Italian, Irish, Latin
NAWR-ə (English) , NO-rah (German)
Nora Meaning
Short form of Honora or Eleanor. Henrik Ibsen used it for a character in his play 'A Doll's House' (1879). Most likely a diminutive of Honora, ultimately derived from Latin and meaning "honor". Some sources suggest it can also be a short form of Eleanor, which means "mercy, compassion". There is also a similar name in Arabic, which means "light". Nora is the name of the main character in Ibsen"s novel A Doll"s House, as well as the name of a 2000 film about Nora Barnacle, the wife of James Joyce.

Nora Related Names
Variants: Nóra, Norah (Irish), Lenora, Elea, Ella, Elle, Ellie, Elly, Leanora, Lenore, Nell, Nelle, Norah (English), Ellen, Noor, Noortje (Dutch), Leonora, Lora (Italian), Noreen
Diminutives: Nóirín, Noreen, Norene (Irish), Nonie, Noreen, Norene (English), Lorita, Norina (Italian)
Other Languages: Eleonora (Croatian), Eleonoora, Eleonora, Ella, Elli, Noora (Finnish), Eléonore (French), Eleonóra, Nóra (Hungarian), Honoria (Late Roman), Aliénor (Occitan), Eleonora (Polish), Leonor (Portuguese), Eilionoir, Eilidh (Scottish), Leonor (Spanish)

Nora Celebrities
Nora Baring - actress, Nora Balling - model, Nora Bayes - singer, Nora Denney - actress, Nora Lange - author, Nora Jane Noone - actress, Nora Roberts - author, Nora Tschirner - actress, Nora Zehetner - actress,

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Meaning of Nora Name

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