Macario name - Meaning of Macario

Macario name - Meaning of Macario

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Spanish, Greek
Macario Meaning
Spanish form of the Latin name Macarius, derived from the Greek name Μακαριος (Makarios) , which was in turn derived from Greek μακαρ (makar) meaning "blessed, happy". This was the name of several early saints. Macario originates in Latin language and means "to be blessed". As a masculine given name it is mainly used in Spanish language. In the United States its usage is very rare.

Macario Related Names
Feminine Form: Macaria
Other Languages: Kari (Finnish), Macarius, Makarios (Late Greek), Makar, Makari, Makariy (Russian)

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Meaning of Macario Name

Macario name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Macario.

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