Maartje name - Meaning of Maartje

Maartje name - Meaning of Maartje

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Dutch, Latin
MAH:R-tyə, MAHR-tyə
Maartje Meaning
Dutch feminine form of Martin. Maartje is a Dutch variant of Martina. Martina is a feminine form of Martin, derived from Martinus, which in Latin means "rendered to Mars". Mars is a Roman god of war. It can be used as a surname as well although it is relatively rare. In the USA, Martina was most popular in the 1960s.

Maartje Related Names
Variants: Ina, Tina, Maartja
Diminutive: Tineke
Other Languages: Martina (Ancient Roman), Martina (Catalan), Martina, Ina, Tina (Croatian), Martina (Czech), Martina, Ina (Danish), Martina, Ina, Tina (English), Martine (French), Martina, Ina (German), Martina, Tina (Italian), Ina (Limburgish), Martina, Ina (Norwegian), Martyna (Polish), Martina (Portuguese), Martina (Slovak), Martina, Tina (Slovene), Martina (Spanish), Martina, Ina (Swedish)

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Meaning of Maartje Name

Maartje name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Maartje.

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