Lana name - Meaning of Lana

Lana name - Meaning of Lana

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English, Russian, Croatian, Serbian, Germanic
Lana Meaning
Short form of Alana (English) or Svetlana (Russian). In the English-speaking world, it was popularized by actress Lana Turner (1921-1995). Lana is a diminutive of Alana. Alana originates in Germanic languages and means "valuable, precious". Some sources suggest, though, that it is a feminine form of Alan, probably meaning "small rock". Nowadays, Alana is also popular in Hawaii, where it means "awoken".

Lana Related Names
Variants: Sveta (Russian), Lanna, Lannah, Lanah
Masculine Forms: Al, Alan, Allan, Allen, Allyn (English), Alen (Croatian)
Other Languages: Svetlana (Bulgarian), Světlana (Czech), Alannah (Irish), Svetlana (Macedonian), Svetlana (Slovak), Svitlana (Ukrainian)

Lana Celebrities
Lana Clarkson - actress, Lana Parrilla - actress, Lana Wolf - singer, Lana Wood - actress, Lana Turner - actress, Lana Del Rey - singer-songwriter,

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Meaning of Lana Name

Lana name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Lana.

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