Lagina name - Meaning of Lagina

Lagina name - Meaning of Lagina

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African American (Rare), Latin
Lagina Meaning
Combination of the popular prefix La with the name Gina. Lagina is a combination of Gina and the prefix La-. Gina can be a diminutive of Georgina, Luigina, but most likely Regina. Regina originates in Latin language and means "queen". It became popular at the end of the Victorian era as a nickname of queen Victoria, "Victoria Regina". Regina was a Saint, a virgin martyr, and it is also the name of the capital city of Saskatchewan, a province in Canada. Gina was popularized by the famous Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida.

Lagina Related Names
Variant:, Lageena
Other Languages: Eugeneia, Eugenia (Ancient Greek), Verginia, Virginia (Ancient Roman), Eukene (Basque), Evgeniya, Gergana, Raina, Rayna, Raya, Zhenya (Bulgarian), Jiřina (Czech), Regina, Gina, Ina (Danish), Georgina (Dutch), Eugenia, Georgene, Georgia, Georgiana, Georgina, Gina, Regina, Virginia, Geena, Gena, Genie, Georgeanna, Georgie, Ginger, Ginnie, Ginny, Ina, Jeana, Jeanna, Jinny, Jorja, Regena, Virgee, Virgie (English), Eugénie, Georgette, Georgine, Régine, Virginie, Gigi (French), Uxía (Galician), Georgina, Regina, Regine, Ina (German), Evgenia, Georgia (Greek), Györgyi (Hungarian), Eugenia, Giorgia, Regina, Virginia, Gina (Italian), Regina (Late Roman), Regina (Lithuanian), Evgenija (Macedonian), Regina, Regine, Gina, Ina (Norwegian), Eugenia, Regina (Polish), Eugênia, Virginia (Portuguese), Eugenia, Virginia (Romanian), Evgeniya, Yevgeniya, Zhenya (Russian), Eugenia, Georgina, Virginia (Spanish), Regina, Virginia, Gina, Ina (Swedish), Owena (Welsh)

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Meaning of Lagina Name

Lagina name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Lagina.

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