Jameson name - Meaning of Jameson

Jameson name - Meaning of Jameson

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English, Hebrew
JAY-mi-sən, JAY-mə-sən
Jameson Meaning
From an English surname meaning "son of James ". Jameson is a variant of James. James is ultimately derived from Jacob. Jacob is derived from the Hebrew name "Yaakov", which means "following after". This is derived from the Hebrew words "Yahweh", which means "God", and "aqeb", which means "heel". In the Bible, Jacob was born after Esau, holding after Esau"s heel.

Jameson Related Names
Variants: Jamesen, Jamisen, Jamison

Jameson Celebrities
Jameson Parker - actor, Jameson Thomas - actor,

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Meaning of Jameson Name

Jameson name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Jameson.

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