Hróðgeirr name - Meaning of Hróðgeirr

Hróðgeirr name - Meaning of Hróðgeirr

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Ancient Scandinavian
Hróðgeirr Meaning
Old Norse cognate of Hrodger (see Roger).

Hróðgeirr Related Names
Other Languages: Hrodger (Ancient Germanic), Hroðgar (Anglo-Saxon), Rogier, Rutger (Dutch), Roger, Rodge, Rodger (English), Roger (French), Roger, Rüdiger (German), Hrothgar (History), Ruggero, Ruggiero (Italian), Ruth (Limburgish), Rogério (Portuguese), Roger (Swedish)

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Meaning of Hróðgeirr Name

Hróðgeirr name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Hróðgeirr.

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