Hernando name - Meaning of Hernando

Hernando name - Meaning of Hernando

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Spanish, Germanic
Hernando Meaning
Medieval Spanish form of Ferdinand. A famous bearer of this name was Hernando Cortés, a Spanish conquistador. Hernando is a Spanish form of Ferdinand. Ferdinand is an anglicized version of a Visigoth tribal name, composed of the words "frith", which means "peace", and "nanth", which means "daring or brave".

Hernando Related Names
Variant: Fernando
Diminutives: Hernán, Nando
Feminine Form: Fernanda
Other Languages: Ferdinand (Ancient Germanic), Ferran (Catalan), Ferdinand (Czech), Ferdinand, Ferdi (Dutch), Ferdinand, Ferdie, Ferdy (English), Ferdinand, Veeti, Vertti (Finnish), Ferdinand, Fernand (French), Ferdinand, Ferdi (German), Ferdinánd, Nándor (Hungarian), Ferdinando (Italian), Ferdynand (Polish), Fernando, Fernão (Portuguese), Ferdinand (Slovene)

Hernando Celebrities
Hernando de Soto - explorer, Hernando Cortez - explorer,

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Meaning of Hernando Name

Hernando name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Hernando.

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