Herberto name - Meaning of Herberto

Herberto name - Meaning of Herberto

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Spanish, Portuguese, Germanic
er-BER-to (Spanish)
Herberto Meaning
Spanish and Portuguese form of Herbert. Herberto is a Portuguese and Spanish variant of Herbert. Herbert is derived from Old Germanic words "heri", which means "army or warrior", and "berht", which means "bright or famous".

Herberto Related Names
Variants: Heriberto (Spanish), Heriberto (Portuguese)
Other Languages: Haribert (Ancient Germanic), Herbert, Bert, Bertie, Herb, Herbie (English), Herbert (French), Herbert, Heribert (German), Herbert (Polish), Herbert (Slovene)

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Meaning of Herberto Name

Herberto name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Herberto.

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