Hedvig name - Meaning of Hedvig

Hedvig name - Meaning of Hedvig

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Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
Hedvig Meaning
Scandinavian form of Hedwig.

Hedvig Related Names
Diminutives: Hedda (Swedish), Hedda (Norwegian)
Other Languages: Hadewig (Ancient Germanic), Hedvika (Czech), Hadewych, Hedy (Dutch), Edwige (French), Hedwig, Hedy (German), Edvige, Edda (Italian), Jadvyga (Lithuanian), Jadwiga, Iga, Jadzia (Polish), Hedviga (Slovak), Hedvika (Slovene)

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Meaning of Hedvig Name

Hedvig name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Hedvig.

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