Harm name - Meaning of Harm

Harm name - Meaning of Harm

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Dutch, Germanic
Harm Meaning
Dutch short form of Herman. Harm is a Dutch diminutive of Herman. Herman is derived from the Latin name "Arminius", itself derived from the Old Germanic words "heri", which means "army or warrior", and "man", which means "man".

Harm Related Names
Variant: Mannes
Other Languages: Hariman, Herman, Hermanus (Ancient Germanic), Herman (Danish), Herman (English), Hermanni (Finnish), Armand (French), Hermann (German), Armando, Ermanno (Italian), Maan (Limburgish), Herman (Norwegian), Armando (Portuguese), German (Russian), Herman (Slovene), Armando (Spanish), Herman (Swedish)

Harm Celebrities
Harm Ottenbros - bicycle racer,

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Meaning of Harm Name

Harm name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Harm.

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