Gaylord name - Meaning of Gaylord

Gaylord name - Meaning of Gaylord

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English, French
Gaylord Meaning
From an English surname which was derived from Old French gaillard "high-spirited, boistrous". This name was rarely used after the mid-20th century, when the word gay acquired the slang meaning "homosexual". Gaylord is an English name, directly derived from the Old French given name “Gaillard”, which means "a dandy". It was a very popular name till the mid 20th century where the association of the word “gay” with a homosexual resulted in a rapid decline in the popularity of the name.

Gaylord Related Names
Variant: Gayelord

Gaylord Celebrities
Gaylord Perry - baseball player, Gaylord Nelson - politician,

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Meaning of Gaylord Name

Gaylord name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Gaylord.

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