Gayle name - Meaning of Gayle

Gayle name - Meaning of Gayle

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Masculine & Feminine
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English, Hebrew
Gayle Meaning
Variant of Gail or Gale. Gayle is a modern version of the Middle English masculine name Gale, derived from the Norman word “gail”, which means "cheerful or jovial". It could also be a variant of Gail, itself a diminutive of the feminine given name Abigail.

Gayle Related Names
Variants: Abbey, Abbi, Abbie, Abby, Gail, Gale, Gale
Diminutives: Gaila, Gayla
Other Languages: Abigail (Biblical), Abigaia (Biblical Greek), 'Avigayil (Biblical Hebrew), Abigail (Biblical Latin), Abigail (German), Apikalia (Hawaiian), Avigail (Hebrew), Abi (Scottish), Abigaíl (Spanish)

Gayle Celebrities
Gayle Knief - football player,

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Meaning of Gayle Name

Gayle name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Gayle.

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