Gabe name - Meaning of Gabe

Gabe name - Meaning of Gabe

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English, Hebrew
Gabe Meaning
Short form of Gabriel. Gabe is a diminutive of Gabriel. Gabriel originates in Hebrew language and means "God"s bravest man". It has been used as a masculine given name over centuries, and in different spellings all over the world. In the Bible, Gabriel is an Archangel, a messenger between God and humans. Gabriel functions as a surname as well, the famous bearer being Peter Gabriel, an English musician.

Gabe Related Names
Variant: Gabby
Feminine Forms: Gabriella, Briella
Other Languages: Jabril, Jibril (Arabic), Gabriel (Biblical), Gabriel (Biblical Greek), Gavri'el (Biblical Hebrew), Gabriel (Biblical Latin), Gavrail, Gavril (Bulgarian), Gabriel, Biel (Catalan), Dzhabrail (Chechen), Gabrijel (Croatian), Gabriel (Czech), Gabriel (Danish), Gabriël (Dutch), Gabriel, Kaapo, Kaapro (Finnish), Gabriel (French), Gabriel (German), Gavriil (Greek), Gavriel (Hebrew), Gábor, Gábriel, Gabi (Hungarian), Gabriele (Italian), Gabriels (Latvian), Gabrielius (Lithuanian), Gavril (Macedonian), Gabriel (Norwegian), Gabriel (Polish), Gabriel (Portuguese), Gabriel, Gavril, Gabi (Romanian), Gavriil (Russian), Gabriel (Slovak), Gabriel (Spanish), Gabriel (Swedish), Havryil (Ukrainian), Gavrel (Yiddish)

Gabe Celebrities
Gabe Alvarez - baseball player, Gabe Gala - soccer player, Gabe Hall - football player, Gabe Long - football player, Gabe Molina - baseball player, Gabe Watson - football player,

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Meaning of Gabe Name

Gabe name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Gabe.

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