Faddey name - Meaning of Faddey

Faddey name - Meaning of Faddey

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Russian, Aramaic, Russian
Faddey Meaning
Russian form of Thaddeus. Faddey is a Russian form of Thaddeus. The name Thaddeus is the Anglicized version of the Aramaic name, "Lebbaeus", or the Old Greek name, "Theodotus" or "Theodoros" and means "gift of God or given by God".

Faddey Related Names
Variant: Faddei
Other Languages: Thaddaeus, Thaddeus (Biblical), Thaddaios (Biblical Greek), Thaddeus (Biblical Latin), Tadija (Croatian), Tadeáš (Czech), Thaddeus, Tad, Thad (English), Taddeo (Italian), Tadas (Lithuanian), Tadeusz (Polish), Tadeu (Portuguese), Tadeáš (Slovak), Tadej (Slovene), Tadeo (Spanish)

Faddey Celebrities
Faddey Bulgarin - writer,

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Meaning of Faddey Name

Faddey name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Faddey.

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