Eirik name - Meaning of Eirik

Eirik name - Meaning of Eirik

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Norwegian, Old Norse
Eirik Meaning
Norwegian form of Eiríkr (see Eric). Eirik is a Norwegian variant of Eric. Eric originates in Old Norse and means "king forever". It used to be very popular with Scandinavian royalty, borne by several kings of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. In the English-speaking countries it became a popular masculine given name in the 19th century.

Eirik Related Names
Variant: Erik
Other Languages: Eiríkr (Ancient Scandinavian), Èric (Catalan), Erik (Croatian), Erik (Czech), Erik, Jerrik (Danish), Erik (Dutch), Eric, Erik, Aric, Erick (English), Eerik, Eerikki, Eero, Erik, Erkki (Finnish), Éric (French), Erich, Erik (German), Erik (Hungarian), Eiríkur (Icelandic), Erikas (Lithuanian), Erik (Medieval Scandinavian), Érico (Portuguese), Erik (Slovak), Erik (Slovene), Erik, Eric, Jerk, Jerker (Swedish)

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Meaning of Eirik Name

Eirik name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Eirik.

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