Eireen name - Meaning of Eireen

Eireen name - Meaning of Eireen

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Irish, Greek
Eireen Meaning
Irish form of Irene. Eireen is an Irish form of Irene. Irene originates in Greek language and means "woman of peace". In Greek mythology, Irene was the daughter of Zeus and the personification of peace. It is also the name of several saints, as well as the name of several places in the United States. As a feminine given name it has always been more popular in Europe than the United States.

Eireen Related Names
Variant:, Irene, Eirene, Eirini, Ireen
Other Languages: Eirene, Irene (Ancient Greek), Irina (Bulgarian), Irena, Ena (Croatian), Irena, Irenka (Czech), Irene (Danish), Irena (Dutch), Irene (English), Irene, Irina, Arja, Erja, Irja (Finnish), Irène (French), Iria (Galician), Irina, Irine (Georgian), Irene (German), Eirene, Irene (Greek Mythology), Irén (Hungarian), Irene (Italian), Irena (Lithuanian), Irina (Macedonian), Irene (Norwegian), Irena, Irenka (Polish), Irene, Iria (Portuguese), Irina (Romanian), Irina, Arina, Arisha, Ira, Irinushka (Russian), Irena (Serbian), Irena (Slovene), Irene (Spanish), Irene (Swedish), Iryna (Ukrainian)

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Meaning of Eireen Name

Eireen name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Eireen.

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