Edite name - Meaning of Edite

Edite name - Meaning of Edite

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Portuguese, English, Portuguese
Edite Meaning
Portuguese form of Edith. Edite is a Portuguese variant of Edith. Edith originates in Old English language and means "fighting to be rich". Edith has always been a popular name within royalty, and it is also the name of several saints. It was popularized by the famous French singer and icon, Edith Piaf.

Edite Related Names
Other Languages: Eadgyð (Anglo-Saxon), Edita (Croatian), Edita (Czech), Edith, Ditte (Danish), Edith (Dutch), Edith, Edie, Edytha, Edythe (English), Édith (French), Edith (German), Edit (Hungarian), Edita (Lithuanian), Edith (Norwegian), Edyta (Polish), Edita (Slovak), Edita (Slovene), Edit, Edith (Swedish)

Edite Celebrities
Edite Fernandes - football player, Edite Estrela - politician,

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Meaning of Edite Name

Edite name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Edite.

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