Earl name - Meaning of Earl

Earl name - Meaning of Earl

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Earl Meaning
From the aristocratic title, which derives from Old English eorl "nobleman, warrior". It has been used as a given name since the 19th century. The name Earl has very old roots. It is believed that the term was used to denote a very successful warrior who was also a chief of a tribe. Later, it came to be taken as a rank of nobility and even as a first name, although most name holders were not rank holders.

Earl Related Names
Variants: Earle, Erle
Feminine Forms: Earlene, Earline, Earleen

Earl Celebrities
Earl Campbell - football player, Earl Clark - football player, Earl Monroe - basketball player, Earl Seibert - hockey player, Earl Boen - actor, Earl Cooper - football player, Earl Gros - football player, Earl Hilliard - politician,

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Meaning of Earl Name

Earl name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Earl.

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