Ea name - Meaning of Ea

Ea name - Meaning of Ea

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Masculine & Feminine
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Near Eastern Mythology, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian
Ea Meaning
Meaning unknown, perhaps from Sumerian meaning "house of water". This was the Akkadian and Babylonian name of the Sumerian water god Enki. Short form of names ending in ea.

Ea Related Names
Variants: Tea, Thea (Swedish), Ditte, Dorit, Tea, Thea (Danish), Tea, Thea (Norwegian)Masculine Forms: Andreas (Swedish), Andreas (Danish), Andreas (Norwegian)Other Languages: Andrea, Andreja, Andrijana, Dorotea, Doroteja, Dora, Tea (Croatian), Andrea, Dorota (Czech), Dorothea, Dora (Dutch), Andra, Andrea, Dorothea, Dorothy, Andi, Andie, Andrina, Andy, Dee, Dodie, Dollie, Dolly, Dora, Doreen, Doretta, Dorinda, Dorine, Dorita, Dortha, Dorthy, Dory, Dot, Dottie, Dotty, Drea, Malandra, Thea (English), Dorotea, Tea, Teija, Tiia (Finnish), Andrée, Dorothée (French), Andrea, Dorothea, Thea (German), Andrea, Dorottya, Dóra, Dorika, Dorina (Hungarian), Andreina, Dorotea (Italian), Dorothea (Late Greek), Dorotėja, Urtė (Lithuanian), Dörthe (Low German), Doroteja (Macedonian), Dorota, Dosia (Polish), Andreia, Doroteia (Portuguese), Andréa, Andréia, Dorotéia (Portuguese (Brazilian) ), Andreea (Romanian), Andrea, Andrijana, Doroteja, Dora (Serbian), Andrea, Dorota (Slovak), Andreja, Doroteja, Tea, Teja (Slovene), Dorotea, Dora, Dorita (Spanish)

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Meaning of Ea Name

Ea name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Ea.

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