Daan name - Meaning of Daan

Daan name - Meaning of Daan

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Dutch, Hebrew
Daan Meaning
Short form of Daniël. Daan is a Dutch diminutive of Daniel. Daniel is an old Hebrew name and means “God is my judge”. It is a very popular name because of the character named Daniel in the Bible in the book of Daniel and how he was saved from the cave of lions because of his faith in God. The name became popular after the Crusades and has remained popular ever since.

Daan Related Names
Other Languages: Daniel, Taniel (Armenian), Danel (Basque), Daniel (Biblical), Daniel (Biblical Greek), Daniyyel (Biblical Hebrew), Danihel (Biblical Latin), Deniel (Breton), Danail (Bulgarian), Danijel, Danilo, Daniel, Danko (Croatian), Daniel, Dan (Czech), Daniel (Danish), Daniel, Dan, Dannie, Danny (English), Taneli, Tatu (Finnish), Daniel (French), Daniel (Georgian), Daniel (German), Daniel (Hebrew), Dániel, Dani (Hungarian), Daniele, Danilo (Italian), Daniels (Latvian), Danielius (Lithuanian), Daniel (Macedonian), Daniel (Norwegian), Daniel (Polish), Daniel, Danilo (Portuguese), Daniel, Dan, Dănuț (Romanian), Daniil (Russian), Danijel, Danilo, Danko (Serbian), Daniel, Danijel, Danilo (Slovene), Daniel, Danilo, Dani (Spanish), Daniel (Swedish), Deiniol (Welsh)

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Meaning of Daan Name

Daan name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Daan.

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