Caelan name - Meaning of Caelan

Caelan name - Meaning of Caelan

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Masculine & Feminine
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English (Rare), Gaelic
Caelan Meaning
Anglicized form of Caolán or Caoilfhionn. Caelan originates in Gaelic languages. It is a derivative of the name "Cale" and means "slender or thin". However, in Greek it could also mean "a winner in battle". This name is a gender neutral name.

Caelan Related Names
Variant:, Calan, Caelyn, Caelen
Other Languages: Caoilfhionn, Caolán, Keelan, Keelin, Kelan, Caoileann, Caoilinn (Irish)

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Meaning of Caelan Name

Caelan name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Caelan.

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