Caedmon name - Meaning of Caedmon

Caedmon name - Meaning of Caedmon

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History, Gaelic
KAD-mən (English)
Caedmon Meaning
Meaning unknown, though the first element is likely connected to Brythonic caed meaning "battle". Saint Caedmon was a 7th-century Anglo-Saxon poet who supposedly received his poetic inspiration from a dream. Our only knowledge of him is through the historian Bede. Caedman is an Irish name, derived from the name "Cadman". The meaning of this name is "prudent or wise warrior". In Anglo-Saxon, this name signifies a "poet".

Caedmon Related Names
Variant: Cadmon

Caedmon Celebrities
Caedmon - poet,

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Meaning of Caedmon Name

Caedmon name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Caedmon.

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