Abraham name - Meaning of Abraham

Abraham name - Meaning of Abraham

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English, Hebrew, Dutch, Biblical, Biblical Latin
AY-brə-ham (English) , AH-brah-hahm (Dutch)
Abraham Meaning
This name may be viewed either as meaning "father of many" in Hebrew or else as a contraction of Abram and (hamon) "many, multitude". The biblical Abraham was originally named Abram but God changed his name (see Genesis 17:5). He led his followers from Ur into Canaan, and is regarded by the Jews as being the founder of the Hebrews through his son Isaac and by the Muslims as being the founder of the Arabs through his son Ishmael. As an English Christian name, Abraham became common after the Protestant Reformation. A famous bearer was Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), the American president during the Civil War. Abraham does not have any literal meaning in Hebrew. The name was given to Abram after God promised him that he would become the father of a multitude of nations. This name is therefore taken to mean the same thing.

Abraham Related Names
Variants: Avraham (Hebrew), Abe
Diminutives: Abe, Bram (English), Abe (Jewish), Avi (Hebrew), Braam, Bram (Dutch)
Other Languages: Ebrahim, Ibraheem, Ibrahim (Arabic), Abraam (Biblical Greek), Avraham (Biblical Hebrew), Ibro (Bosnian), Ibragim (Chechen), Aabraham, Aapo (Finnish), Abraam, Abram (Georgian), Ebrahim (Iranian), Braam (Limburgish), Ibragim (Ossetian), Abram (Russian), İbrahim (Turkish), Ibrahima (Western African)

Abraham Celebrities
Abraham Nunez - baseball player, Abraham Wright - football player, Abraham Benrubi - actor,

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Meaning of Abraham Name

Abraham name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Abraham.

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