Aatami name - Meaning of Aatami

Aatami name - Meaning of Aatami

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Finnish, Hebrew
Aatami Meaning
Finnish form of Adam. Aatami is a Finnish variant of Adam. Adam originates in Hebrew language and means "man". In the Bible, Adam is a figure from the Book of Genesis and supposedly the first human God created from the earth. He lived with Eve in the Garden of Eden until he ate a forbidden fruit and was expelled. In the US the popularity of Adam started growing in the 1960s and currently it is a very popular masculine given name not only in the English-speaking world, but in other languages as well.

Aatami Related Names
Other Languages: Adam (Arabic), Adam (Biblical), Adam (Biblical Greek), Adam (Biblical Hebrew), Adam (Biblical Latin), Adam (Croatian), Adam (Czech), Adam (Danish), Adam (Dutch), Adam (English), Adam (French), Adam (Georgian), Adam (German), Akamu (Hawaiian), Adam (Hebrew), Ádám (Hungarian), Ádhamh (Irish), Adamo (Italian), Adomas (Lithuanian), Adam (Macedonian), Addy (Medieval English), Adam (Norwegian), Adam (Polish), Adão (Portuguese), Adam (Romanian), Adam (Russian), Adam (Serbian), Adam (Slovak), Adán (Spanish), Adam (Swedish), Adem (Turkish), Adam (Ukrainian)

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Meaning of Aatami Name

Aatami name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Aatami.

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