Mystic Star Charm

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Mystic Star Charm

Mystic Star Charm

The moment you receive the Mystic Star you may feel its phenomenal force. A Heptagram (Mystic Star) is a 7 Pointed Star drawn in one continuous line, in the manner of the 5 Pointed Pentagram. There are two different configurations for Septagram, the Obtuse Heptagram, and the Acute Heptagram.

This Mystic Harmony Heptagram Star Charm is worn for Harmony in Friendship, Companionship, Love & Relationship through Planetary Pacification. Mystic Star can also be used for Minimizing the Malefic Effects of Curses.

In Alchemy, Western Occultism & Astrology, the Seven Sided Star refers to the Seven Main Planets. The ancient world recognized only Seven Planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, plus the Moon and Sun. (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are not visible to the naked eye and thus were unknown.) The Mystic Star often reflects these Seven Planets. Because the planets are all represented equally in the Heptagram, the Symbol is also considered to be one of Balance, equally representing the Seven Great Powers of Planetary Magick.

The Heptagram is also found in Western Kabbalah, where it is a Sacred Symbol of the seven notes of music, the seven colours of a rainbow, the seven planets, the seven alchemical metals, the seven days of the week, etc. Wiccans of the Faery tradition and the Blue Star Wicca tradition also consider the symbol sacred.

As you touch it, Mystic Star power may pour into you, and within days there could be profound effects:

- Money may come to you from many different sources.
- Bad luck may turn to good luck.
- You may no longer feel sad, alone, without hope.
- Your natural talents could be greatly enhanced.
- Remarkable opportunities could begin to appear.