Leo and Leo Friendship Compatibility

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Leo and Leo Friendship Compatibility

A friendship between two Leo is a combination of two very powerful, energetic, and vivacious spirits. It might be surprising how two dynamic, magnetic, unrelenting people could maintain a harmonious relationship, when the slightest sign of offence could agitate their proud minds. The combination is so powerful, electrifying, and astounding, that it couldn’t be missed by others. The partnership always take the lead, inspire others, and even dominate them, in a group. It is the similarity of character, and affinity to a kindred spirit, that attract the Leo to each other. Leo don’t attempt to conceal their mutual admiration from each other.

A partnership between two Leo is filled with tremendous energy and restlessness. But as both signs crave to lead, and resent giving in to anyone, even each other, their relationship would be well and truly tested. Both partners must learn to control their ferocity and yield a little, to maintain a good relationship. Leo love affluence and comfort, and strive to obtain the best life could give them, but don’t mind sharing their gains with others as long as it helps them flaunt their grandeur. Leo always want excitement and activity, and admiration from others; and both friends could indulge each other in this matter.

Leo is ruled by the Sun. Leo consider themselves the natural leader among family and friends, and the most dominant of all people in their circle, and would not settle for anything less. The Sun radiates light and heat, and represents force and energy. Leo are exceptionally good at taking charge, and could guide themselves and their friends and acquaintances to prosperity. However incessant desire for action and adventure could tire others who are with them, and their dominating attitude and consciousness of their own importance could be resented by others.

Leo is a fire sign. Leo are far more interested in physical action than intellectual or sentimental considerations. The partnership is always dynamic, and could produce spectacular results or disastrous failures. Win or lose, Leo do it in a grand way. And the friendship often keep shifting from one extreme to the other. Leo must try hard and bring some relaxation into their lives and their friendship.

Leo is a fixed sign. There is always a contest for power between two Leo. However, their friendly nature and logical thinking help them settle the dispute without affecting their friendship. Either partner might give in, though occasionally and reluctantly. The ferocious nature of the lions produces such explosive outbursts as to affect even people close to them. However, Leo forgive and forget grievances readily.

The best aspect of a friendship between two Leo is the incredible abundance of powerful energy and excitement both friends bring to the relationship. Their fiery passion, mutual admiration, and common interests create a strong, though turbulent, bond between them.

Leo and Leo Friendship Compatibility
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