Leo and Cancer Friendship Compatibility

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Leo and Cancer Friendship Compatibility

A friendship between a Cancer and a Leo is one in which both friends could understand and provide for each other. Leo love to be respected and admired, and Cancer look for steadiness and emotional happiness. Both signs require dedication and support, and present them to each other. They are both faithful to each other, often possessive of each other, especially among other friends. Their desires are very similar, and one sign could give the other what they need. They usually form a strong friendship that could stand the test of time.

Cancer and Leo like luxury and safety in their lives, and love to do things extravagantly. They both love a pleasant, productive atmosphere, and a loyal group of friends. However, Leo are more dynamic and more exciting, while Cancer are more sentimental. Leo go for and often achieve bigger, better things, presenting themselves as a symbol of success, wealth and status. Both signs are resolute in nature, and they need to learn to work in conjunction with each other.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and Leo is ruled by the Sun. The Sun symbolises self, and it emits light and heat. Leo emanate this kind of vivacity and spirit. The Moon represents emotions and care. The Sun is filled with masculine energy, and the Moon possesses feminine energy. Thus a Cancer-Leo relationship arise from a wonderful combination of masculine and feminine energy. As long as Cancer and Leo know and accept each other, they produce a prolific combination.

Cancer is a water sign, and Leo is a fire sign. Leo long for grandeur and attention, and Cancer seek consistency and protection. Both signs want to lead the partnership, but entirely different aspects of the partnership. As a result, any arguments that arise between them could be easily settled. All both signs need is to be convinced of the importance of their relationship, and things run smoothly for them.

Cancer is a cardinal sign, and Leo is a fixed sign. Leo could be obstinate and inadaptable, and Cancer could be sagacious and manipulative. The crab is better at initiating schemes, while the lion is better at completing them. The crab prefers a steady, secure life and doesn’t take kindly to change. The lion loves change, and strives to make things exciting and unpredictable. However, both partners are devoted to their friendship, and work hard to preserve it, in their own separate ways. If they differ in their opinions, they might find themselves arguing a lot with each other. Cancer control their friendship in their sedate way, and might even go to the extent of manipulating Leo, if that seemed the logical thing to do.

The best aspect of a friendship between a Cancer and a Leo is their desire to maintain an intense, deep, and earnest relationship. Cancer and Leo complement each other, and could assist each other in several ways. Together they make a wonderful pair, and their common desires and goals call for a harmonious relationship.

Leo and Cancer Friendship Compatibility
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