Ladybug Superstitions and Good Luck

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Ladybug Superstitions and Good Luck

Ladybug Superstitions and Good Luck

The Ladybug makes the perfect present for someone staring a New Venture because they are supposed to signify a financial windfall. Also, for people falling in love, beacuse the Ladybird is said to herald future luck in love (for example, as an Engagement gift or something for the Wedding Day . . whether it be for guests or participants like ushers, matron of honour, bridesmaids, bride's family, and so on.) Ladybugs would also be appropriate on gifts to pass on wishes for good health.

There are several superstitions when it comes to ladybugs. All seem to radiate from the insect's positive influence over pest control in gardens. If you kill a ladybug, you'll have bad luck. This superstition may have sprung from the fact that farmers depend on the insect to help keep the aphid and other insect pest populations down.

You may have heard that if a ladybug lands on you and you don't shoo her away and allow her to fly away on her own, that you'll have good luck.

- If you see a ladybug, you'll have good luck.

- If a ladybug lands on you, something wonderful is about to happen to you.

- If a ladybug lands on something like a car, furniture, appliance, house or some other object, then you will soon receive a new and better model of that object.

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