How to Place a Buddha Statue

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How to Place a Buddha Statue

How to Place a Buddha Statue

Gauge your home’s layout. The main rule for placing a Buddha properly is to give him a lofty perch, such as a mantle, raised platform or tall shelving unit. He should also not be surrounded by meaningless clutter and geegaws. He’d be upset if he were stuck next to your owl-shaped salt and pepper shakers.

Give him a place of honor in your personal altar. Buddha can be the main focus of your own shrine, surrounded by smaller, meaningful objects like a crow’s feather, sacred candles and your lucky penny.

Keep out evil spirits by putting Buddha in your home’s front room facing the front door. Anyone who enters will immediately note Buddha checking him out and will flee if they are filled with evil.

Enhance your thinking by placing Buddha on a desk where you normally do your writing, reporting, creating or other brain activity. He can sit on a raised platform near your printer, next to your computer or in your artist's studio, as long as you don’t paint on him.

Give your garden a boost with your Buddha statue gazing out over your lawn and flowers. Your Buddha statue can bring enhanced growth by channeling the positive energy of the universe throughout your landscaping. Make sure, however, that your Buddha is an outdoor version if you choose this option so he doesn’t crack and rot in the sun.

Have your whole house swirling with positive Buddha energy by giving him a throne in the middle of your home. Any central area will do, as long as he’s not obstructing any pathways, which will block the flow of energy and may make you stub your toe, or is crammed off to the side so he’s not properly honored.