How to Find your Name Number

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How to Find your Name Number

How to Find your Name Number

The Name Number is the Self-Expression Number, the Mental Number, and the Outer Self Number. It is calculated using the numerical interpretation of the vowels and consonants in your name.

The name you use should be the one that appears on your birth certificate. This includes any errors that may have been made, including spelling and clerical errors.

Your Name Number tells you what your life’s purpose is. It also provides you with information on what your spiritual mission in life is or at least what it should be.

Name Number also reveals what you are destined for and what qualities, if any, that you should develop further.

With the name number, it is said that your first name reveals the most personal lessons you will learn in life. Your middle name, if you have one, will reveal any hidden abilities, some of them you may not necessarily enjoy. Your last name or your family name will reveal the traits that you have inherited from your family.

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