Giving Up is NOT an Option

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Giving Up is NOT an Option

Giving Up is NOT an Option

The luckiest and most successful people are the ones who have failed over and over and over again, but did not give up. No, they learned from their failures; filed them away as "feedback," and then they forged ahead. "Unlucky" people write themselves off. "Lucky" people keep on going!

Face Your Fears

The only way to get beyond a fear is to march straight through it.  Otherwise, you will either create a terribly long, circuitous route around it, or you will let your fear totally block your life path.  If you hide from your fears, you are hiding from new opportunity that might be waiting for you. So stare down your fears and get back to your life.

Expect the Best

You get what you expect, and lucky people expect the best. They are certain that their future is going to be full of good fortune. And these expectations become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Be Curious

The more curious you are, the more available you will be to possibility and the "luckier" you will become. Open your eyes, look around, and ask questions. The opportunity might present itself, or what positive change you will affect through your creative and curious mind.

Take Baby Steps

Success does not happen overnight. In truth, it takes a lot of work to move forward, and it can sometimes feel overwhelming. The best and most effective way to accomplish what you want, to stay open to the lucky forces of the universe, is to take your dreams one small baby step at a time.

Risk taking

Two of the best ways to "be lucky" are to be willing to take calculated risks and to embrace unexpected opportunities. Try new things. Go new places. Don’t just do the things for which you know the eventual outcome. Stretch yourself. Go outside your comfort zone!

Visualize the Lucky You

See yourself as a lucky person, someone who simply gets what they want. Visualize that your soul’s windows are open, fresh air is pouring in, and with it the positive energy of the universe. Take in every detail.

Ask for What You Want

It’s no accident that those who are lucky and get what they want, actually ask for it! Trust your desires and make requests without apology. And if your request is turned down, consider the answer to be a temporary "no." It’s okay to ask for what you want again, later, at a different time.

Clear the Clutter

Clutter can be anything that you no longer use, need, like, love, or appreciate. Clear it out of your path. I suspect that we all have too many possessions, unhealthy habits, antiquated beliefs, and old emotions that drain us. It is energizing, invigorating, and healing to free ourselves of clutter. Clear the way and invite good luck in!

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