Gemini and Leo Friendship Compatibility

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Gemini and Leo Friendship Compatibility

A friendship between a Gemini and a Leo is filled with energy and amusement. The relationship is characterized by action and positive thinking. Gemini are attracted to Leo’s active and inventive nature, as Gemini always seek things to spark their intellect.

Disagreements could occur in their partnership, especially if Gemini resent Leo’s overbearing nature, and Leo find Gemini too indecisive and swaggering. But they are well suited for each other. Leo love to jump into the midst of things and control them, while Gemini want to analyse the different aspects of things, from a distance. By staying together, they could accomplish a lot more that either of them would on his or her own.

Both star signs possess a lot of action and enthusiasm, and their combined energy could be used to come up with a lot of brilliant ideas and establish shared objectives. Gemini and Leo are both industrious and resourceful. The lion loves to jump headfirst into things and be the leader. The twins love to stand back and consider all aspects of things before committing themselves. Therefore, they could often follow the lion’s mode of reasoning. Leo could help an indecisive Gemini be more resolute in nature. But they must be careful to give Gemini freedom of space, and not to attempt to dominate them.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, and Leo is ruled by the Sun. Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun. Mercury represents communication and the Sun represents individuality. The similarity in the nature of energies of the two celestial bodies is one reason for the compatibility between the two star signs. They both find ways to advance their schemes. They might have a lot of arguments, though Leo tend to take them more seriously than Gemini. Gemini need to recognize this nature of Leo, and control their arguments.

Gemini is an air sign, and Leo is a fire sign. Gemini are characterized by their inventiveness, and Leo by their energy. Gemini could keep up with Leo through their endeavours, and provide an academic perspective of their schemes to them. Both star signs are interested in a wide variety of things. Leo’s desire to be in the spotlight could provide lot of adventure and experience to the intellectually curious Gemini.

Gemini is a mutable sign, and Leo is a fixed sign. Leo stick to their ideas and plans until they run to completion, and Gemini would support them as long as they are not forced into it. There is seldom much argument over sharing of credit between them. Leo always seek fame, while Gemini don’t mind staying in the background. Leo are tenacious by nature; but Gemini could get bored and lose interest quickly if there’s nothing to challenge their mental skills.

The best aspect of a relationship between a Gemini and a Leo is their zealous and often candid view of everything. Gemini and Leo comprehend and appreciate each other, and they could form a great, fulfilling partnership.

Gemini and Leo Friendship Compatibility
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