Gemini and Gemini Friendship Compatibility

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Gemini and Gemini Friendship Compatibility

A friendship between two Gemini is more like a friendship between four people than two people. This is due to the dual nature of Gemini, as represented by the twins in the Zodiac. The relationship would never be a dull one. Both partners would view things from an academic viewpoint. They would not just permit, but even admire, the independence and diversity in the character of each other. Gemini possess great communication skills and enjoy the art of discussion. Their intelligence and sense of humour make them an exciting pair, amusing each other as well as everyone else they converse with. However, they should learn to collaborate rather than contend with each other, and they would have a great relationship.

Gemini enjoy each other’s teasing remarks, sarcastic comments, and even the occasional criticism. But constant banter might prevent either partner from taking the friendship seriously even when it is required. However, their cheerful and fun-loving nature usually makes life enjoyable for them. They would do better to consider their feelings and emotions as well, rather than to allow being led exclusively by their intellect. The twins easily get tired of monotonous people or situations, and have to rely on their wit and intelligence to impart a degree of humour in such situations.

The ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury. Conversation is such a strong point of Gemini that they love to be with each other. Gemini share a diverse array of interests in various topics and ideas. However, others might interpret Gemini’s constant communication as idle chatter. It might turn out better for Gemini to direct their skills in discussion to constructive schemes, than enjoy conversation for the sake of it.

Gemini is an air sign. Gemini react to each other and to others with logic and rationality than with feelings or emotion. Their mental capacity and strength make them a very productive pair when they work together. Gemini’s desire for new things mean that they devote their attention to any particular plan only for a short while, and lose interest quickly. They have the inventiveness to come up with new ideas, one after another.

Gemini is a mutable sign. Gemini are good at compromising with each other, and things usually go well for them with very few arguments. Even their rare random disputes are settled quickly and without any ill will between them.

The most important aspect of a friendship between two Gemini is the abundance of mental energy and excitation. Gemini keep each other’s life from becoming dull and boring. They both could enliven each other, and their other friends, and achieve their goals in the process.

Gemini and Gemini Friendship Compatibility
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