Gemini and Aries Friendship Compatibility

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Gemini and Aries Friendship Compatibility

A friendship between an Aries and a Gemini is a partnership of physical energy and intellectual strength. Zodiac signs that are two apart, like Aries and Gemini, communicate well with each other. And that is one of the strong points of Gemini: communication. Gemini care about freedom, just like Aries, and are interested by Aries’ originality and spirit. However Gemini have a variable nature and that could sometimes bother Aries. And Gemini might, from time to time, find Aries’ assertive nature too overbearing. Aries are more interested in the materialistic facet of things, while Gemini are more focused on the intellectual aspects of things. Despite the differences, the two signs are well matched for each other. Together they could come across a lot of things that they might miss on their own.

Both Aries and Gemini possess a lot of energy but use it differently. Aries like to rush into things right away. Gemini look for freedom of thought and consider all aspects of an argument before reaching a decision. Because of this, Gemini could easily understand Aries’ reasons for a particular decision or action. However over-analysis of situations could make Gemini unable to reach decisions, and Aries could help them at these times, as long as Aries are careful not to be overbearing. As a result of these contrasting personalities, Aries and Gemini together could evaluate almost all facets of a situation and come up with brilliant ideas and common ends.

The ruling planet of Aries is Mars and that of Gemini is Mercury. These planets depict action and communication. Their contrasting personalities and good communication skills make Aries and Gemini achieve prolific results when they work together. Gemini take any arguments they have lightly and for amusement, while Aries take them more seriously. Because of the different ways in which they react to unkind and severe remarks, it is advisable to avoid heated debates between them as far as possible, or at least to control them if they occur.

Aries is a fire sign and Gemini is an air sign. Air supports fire and keeps it burning. This is exactly how an Aries-Gemini relationship works. The ram starts new adventures and enterprises, while the twins support the ram and help it maintain its focus and continue with these endeavours. Because of this, when their energies combine, they could go to great lengths. Gemini are able to keep up with Aries’ lead and their propensity to try out new things, while providing them with much needed intellectual assistance. Both signs have extensive, though different, interests, and they complement each other well. Aries’ physical involvement in various endeavours gives opportunities to intellectual Gemini to analyse and evaluate actions and consequences, while Gemini could use their wisdom to keep Aries from making rash decisions and helping them out if they do.

Aries is a cardinal sign and Gemini is a mutable sign. Aries start most actions and events in their lives, while Gemini calmly accept them. However Gemini do that only after careful consideration and couldn’t be forced into anything. There are rarely any disagreements as to who should win the glory for their successful ventures. Aries love to be in the front of things and adore taking actions and presenting themselves to the world. Gemini love to stay in the background and enjoy controlling things and pulling strings as they please. But neither star sign is tenacious, and hence if one friend lost interest in something, the other would not press him or her further on and would only be happy to move on to new things.

The most remarkable thing about a companionship between an Aries and a Gemini is their combined strength and energy which are focused on entirely different aspects. They complement each other well and the alliance could be advantageous to both of them.

Gemini and Aries Friendship Compatibility
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