Express Gratitude for Everything and Everyone

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Express Gratitude for Everything and Everyone

Express Gratitude for Everything and Everyone

Gratitude triggers the Universe to act upon your desires. Gratitude is a way of expressing love and love is the energy frequency that the Universe emits.The Universal energies will flow through you and create your good when your personal energy pattern matches that of the Universe.

Remembering to express gratitude can help us and our family members. Gratitude begins with an inner feeling. When we're grateful for the good things happening around us, especially when we’re with those we love, expressing it helps the feelings of love and tenderness to grow. Expressing gratitude can bring a calm sense of well-being.

Gratitude includes saying “thank you” and being polite. But it goes beyond these expectations. Expressing gratitude is the beginning of courtesy, generosity, concern, and appreciation for family members and others.

A deeply felt and fully expressed gratitude is an effective way to positively influence attitudes and behavior--our own and those of others. Learning to feel and express gratitude can have a significant effect on the happiness and success of every family member.

Set aside time each day to go within and listen to your intuition

Your intuition is how the Universe prompts you to be in the right place at the right time. Getting quiet and meditating every day will allow you to separate your thoughts from your intuition.

Maintain an Attitude of Expectancy That These Lucky Coincidences will Appear

No matter what you undertake in life it always requires that you set an intention. When you set the intention to accomplish something it is followed by an expectation that what you’re striving for will manifest. Maintaining a positive expectation keeps your energy high making it easier to attract good fortune. When you share your gifts and talents in loving service to the world, not only will the Universe open the way by supporting you but, it will flood your life with true joy, fulfilment and abundance as well. Now, go forth and do good, be good and spread good and the Universe will reward you with many fortunate coincidences!

Accentuate the Positive with Visualization

Visualization is a technique where you picture yourself experiencing a desired event, which helps you work out the steps to make that event happen. In terms of sweepstakes, we think about winning a prize - we feel ourselves win the prize that we're dreaming about - and use that visual image to fuel our drive to win.