Capricorn and Gemini Co-Worker Compatibility

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Capricorn and Gemini Co-Worker Compatibility

When Gemini and Capricorn work together, they must work hard to ensure that their energies are geared toward the same purposes, for their individual approaches are as different as night and day. They are inextricably linked but they don't always realize it. Gemini is out there, talking and interacting, skimming over a thousand different experiences without stopping to breathe. The Goat dislikes risks and prefers a well thought out plan; once they set their sights on a goal, they are sure to reach it eventually. The challenge for Gemini and Capricorn is to get to the same place at the same time.

Capricorn is very unassuming and quiet, while Gemini is more outgoing. Capricorn is more stubborn, while Gemini is flexible. When they're forced to work together, they need to have different and well-defined roles to ensure that they don't cross each other's boundaries. Their philosophies on work and acquisition are quite different: Gemini is quick and jumps to conclusions, and Capricorn sees the value of doing things the hard way if it ensures that the project will be successful. Once the partners understand each other's style, their methods help them to achieve together what they could not achieve alone.

Gemini is ruled by the Planet Mercury, and Capricorn is ruled by the Planet Saturn. These Planets can work at cross-purposes, so it's important for Gemini and Capricorn to work through their differences. Saturn perseveres and keeps moving ahead through all kinds of difficulties. Mercury has the energy to take projects forward despite obstacles. Both partners tend to be resolute, and neither gives up easily. If their energies are not channeled in positive ways, together these Planets may signify repressed emotion. Capricorn must be careful not to dampen Gemini's spirit, and Gemini must work to encourage open channels with Capricorn.

Gemini is an Air Sign, and Capricorn is an Earth Sign. Gemini initiates projects from theory, while Capricorn is more practical. Capricorn asks, 'what good will this do as I work toward my main goal?' while Gemini simply sees what they want and achieves or acquires it for its own sake, without having a set plan in mind. Although these partners may find it difficult to understand where the other is coming from, when they work together they make an excellent business team because of their complementary approaches.

Gemini is a Mutable Sign, and Capricorn is a Cardinal Sign. Capricorn is the initiator, while Gemini is adaptable. They have such contrasting work styles that they work better when they each have a particular, well-defined role. On the surface, Gemini may be the leader rushing to confront a challenge, but the Goat will also be indirectly in charge because they are consistent and determined. It's important for both partners to understand that compromise is they key to their success.

The best aspect of the Gemini-Capricorn partnership is that they each bring their own qualities to the team. Once they allow each other to be themselves -- rather than measuring each other against impossible standards -- they can blend well to make a whole and effective business alliance. Theirs is a challenging partnership, but if they can learn from each other it's worth it!

Capricorn and Gemini Co-Worker Compatibility
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