Capricorn and Cancer Friendship Compatibility

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Capricorn and Cancer Friendship Compatibility

A friendship between a Cancer and a Capricorn features strong determination and force of character. Capricorn are rational, plain, and simple, and Cancer add feelings and sentiments to the friendship. Both partners expect a lot from each other, and appreciate each other as well. Cancer admire Capricorn’s devotion, and Capricorn admire Cancer’s persistence. They generally have a deep, fruitful relationship.

Cancer and Capricorn place a high value on safety and security: Capricorn on security of possessions, and Cancer on security of emotions. Both star signs are traditional and reliable. Cancer could help Capricorn slow down a bit and enjoy the fruits of their labour. Capricorn could teach Cancer to focus more on their ambitions and persevere to attain them. Capricorn could also control the mood swings of Cancer, and help them realise the practical consideration of things. Both signs are loyal to each other, and this creates a strong bond between them.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and Capricorn is ruled by planet Saturn. The Moon radiates warm, feminine energy, and Saturn emits cold, masculine energy. The Moon is all about sentiments, fostering, motherly affection, and intuition. Saturn symbolises veracity and discipline. Cancer could show Capricorn how to take in all aspects of life, and to enjoy the luxuries and pleasures of life. They could induce tender feelings into Capricorn’s otherwise fully practical mind. Capricorn could provide constancy and strength for Cancer. They could teach Cancer to be more organised, to go out and face the world more and more, and to work hard to fulfil their ambitions.

Cancer is a water sign, and Capricorn is an earth sign. Earth signs always take a materialistic view of life. Cancer and Capricorn both tend to possess fine and attractive things in life: a spacious and comfortable home, eminent works of art, designer clothes, sleek cars. Both signs love to be financially secure, and lead a lavish, wealthy life, and are prepared to work hard for their comforts. Their practical nature and logical mind ensure that their expenditure are within their means.

Cancer and Capricorn are both cardinal signs. Both signs have initiative and passion. Disagreements are very rare between Cancer and Capricorn. The crab’s intense fidelity to friendship could provide much emotional support for the goat. Both signs are good at starting fresh schemes; Capricorn dealing with the details of the plan, and Cancer controlling the emotional aspect of things. The friendship could proceed smoothly, especially if both partners stuck to their respective tasks.

The best aspect of a friendship between a Cancer and a Capricorn is their fierce loyalty to each other, and their devotion to accomplish their common ends. Cancer and Capricorn love the finer things of life, and are willing to take the effort to earn them. Their common goals and integrity of nature make theirs a very compatible relationship.

Capricorn and Cancer Friendship Compatibility
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